Boil It For 10 Minutes, Use It Once A Day And Your Belly Fat Will Disappear As If By A Magic!

If you have a bulging belly and you resent your appearance, you do not need to starve to lower it: learn how to prepare a homemade reductive infusion and get a flat stomach.

We all know that in the market there are many brands that have effective products, but many of them are expensive or may cause you some adverse effects. So, to save money and make sure that the ingredients are not harmful to you, home reducing creams are the best option. Here is an easy and quick recipe to prepare.


  • 1 cup with a mixture of dried chamomile, rosemary, and lavender flowers
  • 1 sheet
  • 1 plastic shower curtain


Fill a small bucket with very hot water and then throw the herbs. Allow them to stand in the water for 5 minutes to give off their properties. In the meantime, put the shower curtain on the bed or on a sofa.

Now you must wet the sheet in the infusion of herbs and twist it so that it is not dripping. You must wrap the area you want to lower in the sheet and lie on the bathroom curtain, for not more than 10 minutes. After 10 minutes remove the curtain and the sheet and dry yourself with a towel.

This is an effective method to lower localized fat, with the heat and properties of these magnificent herbs you will see how you will get a flat belly quickly without diets and exercises, and believe me you will be amazed by the results!